Expensive addictions

How do you find inspiration? Some people read inspirational quotes. Go for a walk. Listen to a a song. Take a new route to the gym. Others watch series that take place somewhere they want to go. Or visit someplace new.

Personally, I do all of the above.

Travelling is one of my favorite sources of inspirations. A passion that became a craving that has become an addiction and just like an addiction, it’s not exactly cheap. None of mine are, coffee, chapsticks, reading. Not that travelling needs to be expensive. And honestly, it’s not so much a problem when you do it every once in a while. You save, go away, come home, you repeat.

Surrounded by Gucci and Louboutin
But when you start to look at tickets for your next trip while you are away – that’s when it becomes problematic. It’s an addiction that is cheaper than a penthouse in New York but slightly more expensive then a pair of shoes. As I sit surrounded by footwear from Gucci and Louboutin, I realize I need to re-phrase. It’s an addiction cheaper than some shoes.

A friend from university once told me that she listens to a new song or takes a new route going home or to the gym, when she’s in a rut. This is one of those that is super easy and just about always works. Inspirational quotes are another but requires a bit more effort and relies on finding the right quote that for the moment.

New year’s traditions
During a coffee date a guy said to me that every new year’s eve, he and a group of friends go somewhere new. A city they’ve never visited or a cabin somewhere in Sweden. We never ended up going on a second date, but I was inspired by the New year’s away from home tradition.

Speaking of inspiration, time to start the week with coffee while reading inspirational quotes on Pinterest.

Happy Monday!

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