Saturday routines

I finally decided to do it. To leave and move Snowcap to this brand new website. I have no plans of deleting the history of Snowcap as it is the journal of my life, and it will still be available on the previous site. But this is me taking a step into the future. Before I continue, a word of warning: this is a project in progress and may change shape and form, so please be patient.

Saturday routines
I rarely plan my weekends. Of course there can be the occasional dinner date, movie with friends, birthday party or weekend away. I even recently started carrying my passport on me, just in case I should stumble across an interesting plane ticket. #lifewithoutkids.

But I quite enjoy having a blank slate that I can fill as I wish depending on what mood I am in.

With time I have realized that my favorite way to start the weekend is with a long breakfast – emphasis on long -, some quality time with a cup of joe, followed by a sweaty gym session.

As I am writing this, I am somewhere in between these activities. Just finished my breakfast, and currently lingering with my coffee.

Post workout Saturday
After the gym session, where I lately started meticulously integrating rehab exercises that are supposed to cure my injured knees, ankles and hip (many of the same things my grandmother of 80 recently started experiencing and that I have had from the age of 24…) since I am (after ten years of injuries) still hopeful that I will be able to run one day, it will be time for lunch and then… Wherever the day brings me. Unlike the many people who are currently meeting and greeting around town, this sounds incredibly good and delicious to me. A moment of calm.

Unfortunately, since I am in that intense pre-event stage at work, chances are that there will be a couple of hours of work ahead. Having said that. I am going to enjoy another fifteen minutes with my coffee before starting the day.

Happy Saturday!

x Sara

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