About me

I started Snowcap in 2008. The year after graduating from high school when I was particularly bored.

I loved to write and probably inspired by my favorite show Sex and the City and so I started this blog. Named it after my favorite coffee and it has since been a journal that has followed me to work, university and on adventures. 

Snowcap is my creative outlet and my baby. Since starting the blog I have studied journalism, freelanced as a writer, worked in event agencies in Sweden, done a short detour to London, and have traveled to not nearly as many places as I want to. But it’s still early. 

I live somewhere inbetween Paris and Stockholm (currently) and am in the process of shaping my future (always). 

I realized a few year’s back that I was the last one standing. The last single girl in my circle of friends, and most acquaintances. What’s even crazier, though I go on the occasional date and even have a tinder profile, I’m not in a hurry to find Prince Charming. In fact I am not 100% sure he even exists, and I refuse to find an in-case-of-emergency Prince, just to have a dinner date for Saturday night. I am perfectly happy taking myself out for a romantic dinner. So obviously this blog is not about finding the One, but rather about exploring and enjoying life – on this blog you can follow me as I joie de vivre like a pro.

Hoping you will find some inspiration or at the very least be entertained.