Abracadabra – let birthday week begin

Welcome to my birthday week! That’s right. Not day, but WEEK. Or actually, it’s month. Which is okay since my birthday is on the very last day of January, making it perfectly okay to start celebrating the day after New year’s and then continue till the beginning of February.

You may think it’s just an excuse to drink lots of champagne, and you wouldn’t be completely wrong, but mostly I just love to celebrate. And it’s not only birthdays. There are so many things that are celebration-worthy. Getting a new job, loosing a job, a sunny day when you don’t have to work or when le douche finally get’s the message that you’re just not that into him and stops calling.

The birthday celebration of course is special. How is celebrating the day you took your first breath not an event worthy of a full month’s celebration? And if a month feels like too much – I accept that it’s not for everyone – a week of indulging is definitely in order.

With the big day being on Wednesday, I’m planning a week of hour long reading sessions, glasses of chardonnay soaking in the sun at a french bistro (if there is any sun), a trip to Champagne and cake.

Wish you a great week and I invite you to have a piece of cake and a glass of champagne to celebrate. Let’s do a remote birthday celebration <3

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