Birthdays and cremes

Surrounded by champagne, macarons and scented hand cremes – with eightees music blasting and a friend next to me. That was my birthday and before heading out for dinner, I decided to stop by L’Occitane – the creme boutique that houses a Pierre Hermé macaron buffay and a café. A combination I can only say is genial.

That’s where we started the celebrations (yes, I am at the moment a we). The we I am referring to is me and my friend – emphasis on friend – as I actually had to explain to a guy on Tinder when he asked me if I was really single.

Not sure how hart it is to get that two girls can live together, in very small quarters (emphasis on very) and sleep in the same bed without engaging in a more intimate relationship. But yeah, both me and my girlfriend are fully content with our relationship as it is. As friends. Something the guy on tinder and I will never become.

After the sweet appetizer signed by Pierre Hermé, we continued to Bistrot Valois, the bistro just outside the office of Emily in Paris. It was my second visit and I have to say that it is really a perfect place for a relaxing birthday dinner, super-cosy, great food and excellent service. Everything I could ask for in a restaurant.

More mini-treats to come this weekend and until then, here is a fun trip down the memory lane of birthdays past. Compliments of Facebook.

And bon week-end!

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