Consistency in 2024

2023 came and went. Not a minute too soon if you ask me. Even though 2023 did bring with it some adventures like that trip to Sicily and finally Dubai. Those first couple of months spent in Paris and some delicious wines. I am looking forward to starting a brand new year and as I do love a good re-run – I thought, why not start this year like I started the last one: In Paris.

Not the explicit version, cause I am a firm believer that a girl does need to keep some things private. But here are a couple of hopes & dreams for 2024:

  1. Improving my french – one way or the other, my goal is to improve my french beyond the level of making a table reservation and ordering a glass of wine like a pro.
  2. Savings – my finances have resembled those of Stephanie Plum far more than I ever thought they would and so this year I am determined to change it.
  3. Life – is always changing but I want to spend the first half of 2024 figuring our what I want the rest of my life to look like. And then spend the second half living it.
  4. Consistency – whatever path I decide is the one I want to follow this upcoming year, I want to pursue it with consistency since that seems to be the only way to achieve anything.
  5. Routines – another goal where consistency is key. Finding and maintaining morning and daily routines that improve my health and help me achieve those goals. Super cliché but having tried it once I know that it actually works.

Sundays are made to be enjoyed in a slower pace and I am just about to pour myself a cup of coffee and do just that. Enjoy the day at a slower pace.

Happy Sunday!

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