Dating Paris

What better way to start the week than with tales of the past week-ends dating? Since I am not taking french class, my mission is to do what I can to improve my language skills myself. Luckily, we live in the digital era, which of means: Instagrammers who post free content AND dating apps. The latter is perfect for meeting new people, so this weekend I decided to reboot my series “Date-Paris”.

Like I told this past week-ends date when I was asked about why I go on dates when away from home aka my more “permanent” location. It is truly the perfect way to both experience culture, meet new people and explore new places. Especially if you let the local choose the spot.

Not sure he agreed, having been on unsually few dates when abroad. But one of the best parts of travelling is the people you meet.

So this week-end, I discovered wine bar in Montmartre. The bar was a little loud, but made up for it with a delicious burrata and wine combo.

Oh, and the discovering was done with a french guy (evidément), let’s call him Francois. Actually, I’m just going to call all the french guys I meet Francois. Simple.

I have to shamefully admit that I did let my french rest for the evening and instead stuck to english. It is after all my most proficient language. BUT, promising myself to at the very least do a fringlish mix for the next one. And fingers crossed – I will keep that.

Happy Monday à tous!

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