Dinner date at Mr. French

And so it is finally here. The longed after vacation, currently day 6 of 21. After 3 days of digital fasting, I have now settled into a summer routine and look forward to another 15 days of it. 

Monday inspiration

I just realized that last time I was writing an entry, it was Monday and I was sitting at this exact spot at Bröd & Salt waiting for the train to a work conference. Unfortunately, as soon as I clicked on publish, I closed my computer and later discovered that the post had disappeared into cyberspace and was never to be seen again. 

Naturally, I was a little annoyed and decided that we (me and Snowcap) needed a break from each other. 

Since I’m sure I will have another one of those my-goal-is-to-have-Mondays-be-the-best-day-of-the-week-moments again. So I won’t try to recreate anything. This will focus on the here and now. 

The foodie and Mr French 

So, after a very busy last day at work, I closed my computer on Wednesday and hurried off to a dinner date with my friend the Foodie

The Foodie is what I would call an old friend. Although I am not quite sure what constitutes an old friend anymore. Is it the one I have known for ten years or those I have known for twenty or more? 

Anyways, the Foodie and I first met and bonded over our mutual love of food. Within five minutes of first introductions behind the cash register at the amusement park Gröna Lund, we discovered that we both love food. More specifically, a piece of meat, cooked medium rare and paired with a glass of red wine. 

Following that summer, we started meeting for the occasional dinner. A couple years later we became neighbors and started having over the top tapas dinners which meant we basically just bought every delicious cheese, dried ham and olives we fancied and ate way too much. 

Now, ten years later, we met for dinner at Mr French. New to me, not as new to her. After the must starter – a plate of oysters. I ordered the steak tartare and since the Foodie has a life quest of finding the best Moules Marinee in the world – that’s what she ordered. After a couple of bites she nodded approvingly and said: ”Yeah, it’s good. Not the best, but it’s good.”

And having heard her say this before, for the first time, I just had to know why. What made her rank this Moules a 6 out of 10? 

Pleased, she explained that the mussels had an okay size, not as big and meaty as she preferred but ok. Then it was the sauce, it tasted good – but it had curdled. 

Then she went into a level of detail about how to make a sauce with perfect consistency, that would make you think she was a sous chef. And not a HR executive.

On my side of the table, the steak tartare that the waitress had recommended, turned out to be one of the best I have had. And just like the foodie I base this on empirical research, having tried the dish in countless restaurants spread across numerous cities. 

Summer in Paris

Speaking of the foodie, it’s time to wrap up and put together a list of my favorite restaurants in Paris for her upcoming trip. 

And no, I’m not at all jealous and am definitely not considering quietly folding myself into her suitcase to tag along for a couple of weeks. 

À tout à l’heure.

The celebratory glass of champagne
The look that says it all

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