Getting to know the guy upstairs

I love living in a small apartment. While most of my friends have a list of criteras in an apartment not rarely connected to square footage. I don’t mind a small nook where you can see every corner from any given space. But, I have to say that it is an art – to live in a small space. Unless you’re a student moving out of your parents place for the first time, it’s not the easiest thing to fit all of those things you managed to collect through out the years into a small space.

The artistic sense I am referring to is the art to somehow make your things accessible for daily life while also not hurting yourself when you move from one corner to the other.

Now, I’m not saying that I would say no to an apartment that would not be referred to as “charming” or “cosy”, but honestly I just don’t mind living in a one-bedroom apartment where I can see my closet while sitting on the sofa that doubles as a bed in the nighttime. There are just so many advantages: Less time needed to spend on cleaning, almost always finding your things without even moving, and of course how you can people watching without necessarily having to stand in by the window.

One thing I love about living in a small apartment is that they are usually surrounded by other apartment buildings. Many would probably have 1. putting up curtains and 2. closing them, high on their priority list, but not me. I would definitely buy and put up the curtains. But I usually tend to keep them open. Since I quite like getting to know my neighbors with a people-watching session together with my morning coffee. And since it’s small you don’t even have to stand by the window, but can easily do it from the sofa/bed or the kitchen table.

Sure, you might get to people them on a more intimate level than you were counting on, but that just makes it all the more fun.

So as I’m staying with a friend, I am currently getting to know a new set of neighbors. To top it off, the building across the street is renovating the facade, so as a bonus I am also getting to know the construction workers. It’s really is a learning experience more than anything else.

Did you for example know exactly how they build the scaffolding they climb on when working up high?

I do. Or at least, I’m learning.

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