How to speak french like parisians

With the goal to work on my french, I returned to last years Paris-habit of listening to Madame à Paname: a podcast for improving ones french. So each day, I am operation multi-tasking as I make my way to the fitness park. Increasing my step count AND learning to understand actual french people.

Well, that’s the goal and just like my goal to love Mondays – it’s a process. Actually, I have to brag and say that I do understand quite a lot already. Not too much of a bragging-point since it’s not the same thing to understand when Madame à Paname speaks: slowly and carefully articulating each word. Because of course, absolutely every french person I have met, speaks as though you just doubled the speed of their speech. And absolutely NO ONE articulates. Instead, making letters and sometimes even words disappear is a magic trick only Parisians possess. Parisians are even worse. But that’s just part of the charm 🙂

And when I manage to have a proper conversation here, I will twice as proud as I would have been otherwise.

Besides listening to podcasts, I have turned my Netflix shows to french audio, added french music to my Spotify-list and religiously listen to french instagrammers such as: French teacher Carlitoo, Hello french NYC and French guy Theo.

And looking for more, so all tips are gladly accepted.

Happy Tuesday.

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