The monster-event

Almost one month since the last post, and with the “monster-event” (finally) behind me, I am 47 percent rested and decided to treat myself to a couple or rather 17 minutes of writing session at a café on my way to the office. The event was fun – it was – incredibly so, but it nearly destroyed me.

I have to say that pulling 10-15 hours work for a full month takes its toll and somewhere between lying on my couch 03 in the morning cross-checking names and getting up at the crack of dawn to make hotel deadlines – I found myself thanking myself that I had chosen to spend my summer holidays at the gym. Probably what stopped me from completely falling apart.

Though I did love delegate managing an event for 2000 participants including administrating over 7 hotels – I would lie if I didn’t admit to missing the days when I had a designated hotel coordinator handling the last bit. How all the emails regarding hotels would almost vanish from the inbox leaving me to deal with the remaining emails answering everything from what to wear, to what time the conference started and what time code to use when time reporting the event.

But, it was an experience to do the whole thing alone, including coordinating the travel agency. Well, you can hear that it has been a 150 percent kind of gig. Just as working with events always end up being. No matter how much you try to constraint the hours, delegate management is where hours are usually an illusion, since you can never really control what guests come up with.

So yes, after that I have been in desperate need of a full body massage (after one hour my masseuse actually recommended me to come in once a week), copious amounts of red wine and a dose of Paris – my go-to place to rewind and reboot.

Happy Monday!

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